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Strange Affairs At Christchurch
Sir Peter Mews, Knave of Knight?

Dorothy Turcotte

80 Pages | colour and b&w illustrations

210x148mm, Paperback


Sir Peter Mews built the grand manor house on the Hinton Admiral Estate near Christchurch, Dorset and was the local MP from 1710 until his death in 1725.
One would expect to see some evidence of his life in the Christchurch area but that is not the case. We do not even know what he looked like. There are portraits of his wife Lydia Jarvis and his uncle Peter Mews, Bishop of Winchester to be found at Hinton Admiral and elsewhere but apparently none of him.   
Neither is Sir Peter mentioned in any guidebook about the Christchurch Priory Church which is odd for a notable local dignitary who, according to his will, was a major beneficiary to the church.
His resting place is not with the other members of the Mews family named on the memorial slab in the North Quire Aisle. It is tucked away in a corner of the Tapps-Gervis-Meyrick vault in an inaccessible crypt and noted by a very brief inscription, an extremely short memorial to someone who played a very important part in the everyday life of Christchurch. Even his death is shrouded in mystery.
Sir Peter Mews, it seems, led a life full of dark corners and strange affairs and for much of the world he has been forgotten. Perhaps the Mews family and the rest of Christchurch were only too glad to leave this part of their history in the dark ….