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My Jurassic Playground
From first to second childhood

Joy Shellard

224 Pages | over 100 colour & b&w illustrations

246 x 189mm, Paperback


My Jurassic Playground is not a guide book or a travelogue and certainly not a geological text book.  So what is it?  I suppose it most resembles an autobiography but the book does not really enter that category because it only refers to my life when we paid visits to this most varied and exciting part of the Dorset coastline. Also included are some places adjacent to the coast which are of particular interest.

By writing this book, I hope to enhance the happiness the reader may experience when visiting this World Heritage Site and at the same time give myself the pleasure of revelling in the past, which an old lady approaching her second childhood is fully entitled to do.

The book is arranged in chapters geographically beginning in the east and some stretches of the coastline evoke strong memories and so these parts obtain considerable emphasis whilst other areas may be somewhat sketchily dismissed; I trust that the reader will forgive me for this treatment of the subject; I would like to repeat that My Jurassic Playground is a personal account.