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Incident 48
Raid on a South Coast Town, 1943

Angela Beleznay

176 Pages | b&w illustrations

234x156mm, Paperback



On May 23rd 1943 Bournemouth was the scene of a major Air Raid. Between the first Air Raid Warning Siren sounding at 12.54 p.m., the 848th in the town since the outbreak of the war, (there were to be two further warnings that day) and the all clear being given at 13.25 p.m., 22 buildings were totally destroyed 3,359 were damaged (37 of these later required demolition) and the streets of Bournemouth were strewn with the dead, dying and injured.

When the siren sounded it gave only 5 minutes warning before the first bomb was dropped as the clocks prepared to strike 1.00 p.m.  Within the space of a minute, the whole raid was over.  This was the 48th incident to have affected Bournemouth, and its most devastating.